Friday, March 2, 2012

Race Day Eve!

Saturday, February 18th

4:30 a.m. wake-up, just to make sure I'm ready for tomorrow's early day. After coffee, a short walk and several hours of computer work I am headed back to the Half Marathon Expo to meet a new Facebook friend, Tim Fenell.

If you aren't connected to Facebook you didn't see his story: briefly, Tim lost 128 lbs. in 15 months! He did it all on his own and yet still battles self-esteem issues and emotional pain. In an attempt to help others who may feel similarly, he vowed to run 12 Half Marathons in 12 months this year in hopes of inspiring and motivating others. Please visit his page:

Somehow Tim found our Get Back UP page on Facebook, and our mission to run "20 in '12" and sent me a message. We were both struck by how similar our stories are (different health issues, but same level of challenge) and we wanted to help each other spread the word about "getting back up", no matter what the obstacle. We became online friends and today I got to meet him in person.

Tim, in his Dodge test-drive

So Tim and I had lunch together and got to know more about each other. I interviewed him on-camera (my little Flip video) and am figuring out a way to post it for your viewing. I was moved by his candid account of the emotional aspects of his battle with obesity and the underlying factors that have contributed. I think anyone would find him motivating--whether your challenge is weight-loss, injury, depression, money, etc.--the message is still about the possibility and hope of overcoming the pain.

Way to go, Tim!! Thank you for your generosity of spirit and good luck with your 12 this year... we'll have one more done tomorrow!

After Tim and I parted ways (at least until tomorrow's race), I wanted to find a relaxing activity to kill some time in the late afternoon. I needed to unwind so I could get to sleep by 8pm, after all, tomorrow would be another 4am wake-up call. I thought I had a great idea but it would take some serious convincing on my part to get my husband to come along... to the Nail Salon for a "manny-peddy"! Can you believe it? He did! I bought this for both of us as our belated Valentine's Day present to ourselves... you can tell he hated it:

I would show you the photo of me in my chair, beside him, but obviously he was too busy to be disturbed with picture-taking!

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