Friday, March 2, 2012

More Pre-race Pasadena

Friday, February 17th

Picking up from the last post, here are some more images of The Pub at Golden Road. I really enjoyed my meal here and got to meet the owners, who are both vegan, which is why they have offer so many vegetarian choices:
The menu.

The view from inside, looking out onto the Doggy Deck.

The vegetarian Bahn Mi sandwich--delicious!!
After lunch I headed back to Pasadena (only about 15 minutes away) and decided to scope out the Rose Bowl area so I would know my way around on race-day. The area immediately surrounding the Rose Bowl turned out to be spectacular, and historic I later learned, and so I spent some time jogging/walking my way through the neighborhood:
Tree-lined streets. If you get a chance to run Rock-n-Roll Pasadena you'll run right through here!

Beautiful Arts and Crafts-style architecture throughout the neighborhood

Home Sweet Home...for someone.

Curb appeal!

I want this for my house. :-)

More beauty across the valley. The Rose Bowl is just out of the picture, to the right and down the hillside.

My favorite house in the 'hood

The historic Gamble house, open for tours. I didn't get to take the tour this trip, but someday I'll come back and do so.

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  1. I love the pictures!

    You know how they way, "Don't leave home without it!" when they're talking about your VISA card?" I say, "Don't leave home without your ToeOff!" :)

    Congratulations on your triumphs! :)