Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3 Down, 17 to go!!


Sunday, February 19th
Yet ANOTHER early start. At least this is Pacific time so my body thinks its really 7:05a.m.

Tim Fenell with me in the Rose Bowl parking lot, waiting for the sun to come up so we can run!

Rose Bowl by "light" of dawn.

Tell us what you really think, Tim... :-)

Sun is coming up, now you can see my good-luck-Chilly-Tatt... don't worry, Mom, its temporary.

Oh, the fun to be had waiting for the Porta-potties...these are DMV-worthy lines!
Celebrity sighting!

I'm in Corral 3 waiting for the race to start... you can see the start line banner in the background.

Meeting a hero of mine, by pure chance we're in the same corral. I will write a separate blog entry about Sarah, but you should know that I was moved to tears when I got to meet her. She had no idea that I was inspired to GET BACK UP by watching her on TV in her first Ironman Championship attempt, it was the year I had my spinal fusion surgeries. And now I am really running beside her!

Another hero, Jeff Smith, who works for Allard helping so many, many people to Get Back UP. Thanks, Jeff,  for coming out to cheer me on. It was so nice to meet you finally!

Tim Fenell (Tim's 12 in 12 on Facebook!) and me after completing #3 for me, #2 for him.

My post-race lunch at Houston's restaurant in Old Pasadena... grilled salmon and asparagus, yum! If you don't know, I have been a vegetarian for 22 years (pesci-lacto-ovo now, but more vegan exploration on the horizon)

My husband, apparently, is on the Fred Flintstone diet.

We did it! 3 down, 17 Rock 'n Roll's to go. Official time, 1:55:53. It was a hilly course but perfect weather, beautiful neighborhoods.

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