Monday, February 23, 2015

23rd--and LAST--event of 2014: Rock n Roll San Antonio 10K & Half Marathon

Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio: 10K, 5K and Half Marathons 

This will be a mercifully short blog since this was a fun weekend for me, not a working weekend. Jim and I went to San Antonio to see our daughter, Kristen, who now lives in Carrollton, TX. Lucky for us, we also saw many of our fellow Rock 'n' Roll Gypsy friends too.

Friday, December 5th:

Heavenly view from the plane.

Hello Emily! I'm so sad that this will be the last RnR
Expo you're going to be working...but I'm excited to learn
all about your next adventures.

It's never official until we run into Joe Harris--the fun starts now!

Jim and I check out an art walk next door to the Blue Star
Brewing Company. We're killing time until Kristen's flight lands.

It took 13 years of nudging, but Kristen finally gave in and she'll be running her very first race with us this weekend--woo hoo!!
Making it official.

No going back now, Kris.

Looks good enough to eat. (The way they've lighted this
building for the holidays had me craving a gingerbread cookie.)

Team Austin, ready for a weekend of running!

Saturday, December 6th:

Kristen took the opportunity to sleep in this morning while her dad and I ran the 10K with our gypsy friends.

Andrew sighting!
More gypsies! Ron, Hyalker, Susan and Andrew said they had trouble finding
us this time without my easy-to-spot Get Back UP sign.

Finish line, where's the food?

Joe Harris volunteered at the finish line today.

We spent the afternoon with Kristen, showing her around our favorite San Antonio shops and eateries. Sorry, it was a family day so I left the camera behind.

Sunday, December 7th:

Making our way to the starting line at O' Dark Thirty. I think it was about this time when Kristen asked "WHY do you guys do this every week?!"

We popped by to get Andrew on the way to the start...everyone was ready
right on time--nice work!

The nerves are beginning to set in. Don't worry, Kristen...
you're gonna love your first 5K! (She was joking that it may
take her longer to do the 5K than for us to finish our Half
Marathon today.)
Team Austin poses for the paparazzi in the start line VIP area.
Like father like daughter.
Emily graciously offered to walk/run the 5K
with Kristen today while Jim and I run the Half Marathon.
Thanks for looking out for her,
Emily...we'll see you back at the finish line

Joe Harris joins our crew heading to the start line corrals.
Kristen's first Start Line Selfie.

Kristen gets one last hug from her dad before we run our
separate ways. Good luck, girl!! So proud of you!

Kristen and Emily stop in the middle of the 5K to take a rare shot of the
Alamo without any tourists in the background. Now, get back to running ladies!

Sweet success! As Kristen enjoys a Mimosa with Emily in the post-race VIP tent
she says "OK, I can see why this running thing can be addictive."

Jim and I make our way to the VIP tent after picking
up our bonus Heavy Medals.

All smiles at the finish, just the way we like it.

The medals: Saturday's 10K, Sunday's Half Marathon

The Remix medal for doing both the 10K and Half.

And the bonus Rock Idol Heavy Medal for
running 10 Rock 'n Roll Half Marathons in 2014.

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