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6th & 7th races of the year: Seattle and Greensboro

6th & 7th Races of 2015: Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon & Freedom Run 10K

You may have noticed that some of my events this year are TeamUP Tour Stops, where I team up in support of our Co-captains. The other events are races in which I'm participating solo. Occasionally the 2 will overlap, as they did with Darren at the Portland Rock 'n' Roll event where both of us were able to run. For the rest of my Tour Stops last month--with Trent, Jamie and Jill--I was on the sidelines cheering for my co-captains and helping out with media efforts. 

June just happened to be a month of solo events for me...but not to worry! In July I'll be pairing up with Todd Hart, Barbie Barnett and Shannon Poortenga--can't wait to see them in Utica, NY and in Chicago. Meanwhile, I've been focusing on getting stronger after my surgery and getting back into shape for the slew of events coming up.

Friday, June 12th:

Jim has been working this week in the Spokane and Seattle areas while I've been working in NC, but tonight I join him for the weekend as we both plan to run the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle event. It's going to be a quick 2.5 day trip from coast-to-coast but I'm looking forward to it as one more step towards my recovery from abdominal surgery. Because this wasn't an official work trip for me I didn't take as many photos, nor will I spend as much time detailing the events of the weekend. Instead, here's the lazy-girl way to summarize the trip: SNAPSHOT SUMMARY!

Stunning view from the plane of Mt. Ranier as we approach our landing in Seattle.

Perfect day on the ground in the SoDo area where we're staying while here.

Our hotel is located midway between Century Link field (home of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks
and the MLS' Seattle Sounders) and Safeco Field (home of the MLB's Seattle Mariners).

Jim will not be arriving at the hotel until later this evening (again, he's been working in
Spokane this week) so I find a place to eat dinner near the hotel. First course, grilled asparagus.

Second course Salmon Club Sandwich (no bacon). I ate at a place across from Century
Link Field called Elysian Fields.

The view from the rooftop pool at our hotel, The Silver Cloud in SoDo (SOuth DOwntown is where they get SoDo). In
the background is Safeco Filed and that giant billboard of Robinson Cano looks right into our hotel room. Fun fact,
Robinson Cano played minor league baseball in Greensboro when we were still a Yankees farm team.

The view from the other side of our rooftop pool patio. You can barely see the Space Needle in the far distance.

Robinson Cano can't take his eyes off of me.
These socks were a birthday gift from my good friend, Michelle (aka Cecil the Turtle).
I've been using these as motivation during my recovery from surgery and plan to wear
them in tomorrow's race. I call these my "Awesome Socks" which needs to be said
in a sing-song voice like a pre-teen screaming "Awesome-sauce!"
Saturday, June 13th: RACE DAY!!

Another picture-perfect day here in Seattle...not a cloud in the sky as we get to the Space Needle for the start of the race. I won't go into much detail here before getting back to my Snapshot Summary, just an update as to our race plans for the day: I originally signed up for the Full Marathon here but because it's only been 4 weeks since I've been allowed to run I'm not sure I will be up for the Full. Jim and I plan to run together until he splits off for the Half, at which point I can decide to go with him to the Half finish line or continue on to the Full with fellow gypsy, David DeNeire. "Choices, choices..."

From this angle the Space Needle looks like some sort of alien bug.

"Like moths to a flame", the gypsies migrate their way towards the starting line and somehow always find each other amid
the thousands of other runners. I LOVE THE GYPSIES! Ron took this selfie ("Of course he did.") with Sherry, Al, Ted, Jim, Jesus, David, Susan, Michelle, Joe and a couple of others I haven't met yet. 

We find Jesus in the VIP area where I learn that he's planning
to run the Full today as well. One more gypsy for me to run
with if I opt for the Full. (In the background, fellow gypsy Kamika
Smith has arrived in VIP and is talking on the phone to someone.)

THE VIP, Joe Harris! Love you, Joe!! (Photo-bombed by Jesus' eyes and the side of Kamika's head)
Although Ron's selfie's are spectacular, this time he chose to purchase an official Marathon Foto picture of the
Rock'n'Roll Gypsies just before the start of the race. Thanks for posting this shot, Ron...I hope you don't mind
that I included it in my Snapshot Summary!

Doh! For the second time this year Jim forgot to check his reading glasses before the
start of the race. Now he's gonna have to wear them for 13.1 miles. BTW, I love your
support for the CMTA paired with your support for ALD on your bib!
I wish I took this picture but all credit goes to Al for capturing the fireworks that indicated
the official start of the race. Best starting gun ever! And great timing on the photo, Al!

Decision time! I had to choose whether to finish the Half or attempt to complete the Full.
I was feeling really good at this point so I decided to go the distance. We took a commemorative
photo (and wasted about 5 minutes trying to do so) then went our separate ways. I was so
nervous as I watched Jim run off in the opposite direction while DeNeire and
I headed around the lake. Oh well, I can always quit the race
at an aid station if I feel I can't make it safely to the finish of the full marathon.

This was just before the official 26 mile mark, only 3 long
blocks to go. Trust me, I wasn't smiling at all along
this long, slow uphill until I heard Jim yell out,
"Beth Deloria, you are a MONSTER!" I actually
managed to run a 4:17 marathon today, way better than
I ever expected to do with so much time off after the surgery.
Thank you, Jim for all of your support and encouragement!

I was crying--happy tears--because of everything I've been through medically this last year.
I never thought I'd be running a full marathon this soon. Dorcas was there at the finish to
give me my 3rd Rock'n'Roll Marathon Finisher's jacket of the year...thanks for all of your
support and encouragement, Dorcas!

Michelle, thank you for keeping me focused...I love my "Awesome Socks!"
(Marathon finisher's medal on the right, my bonus Roadie Heavy Medal for completing
5 Rock'n'Roll races so far in 2015.)

Jim, Joe, and Kamika waited for David and me to finish the did Ron, Susan and Al
but they had to leave before we got the photo. I love my Gypsy family and owe them so
much in return for their love and support.
Jim had waited so long for David, Jesus and me to finish the Full that he was starving and
in need of a "real beer" as opposed to the Michelob Ultra "post-race recovery beers". He 
found the nearest pub to the finish line so we all followed him there despite the fact that none
of us were showered. At least we all changed into semi-clean clothes before going indoors.

The bartender standing in front of me was preparing these garnishes. Yes, that's right,
this is a GARNISH to a drink. Fried jalapeƱo popper, mozzarella stick, Angus beef slider and
a slab of bacon...
....were added to the Bloody Mary's as a garnish! (No, no one in our group was ready for
this level of commitment.)

That's just crazy.

And speaking of crazy...

From the pub at the Space Needle we got word that the Carinos and Al were at the Tap House with a gang of RnR Gypsies.(I think that's the name of the place but I was still really woozy from running the marathon). Dave's hotel was nearby so he and Jesus were able to change but Jim and I were not exactly "fresh" after the run followed by the mile -walk to the Tap House. No one seemed to mind though...I love runners. (Clockwise from left: Ron, Al, Joe, Susan, Jesus, Juan, Gary, me, Jim and Dave) Once again,
Ron is the selfie master....of course he is.
We had a great morning at the race followed by a fun afternoon with a slew of Gypsies. By early evening we were all dragging...and Jim and I still hadn't been back to our hotel to shower. Thanks to David for giving us a ride back to SoDo--a much needed treat after such a long day!

Sunday, June 14th: 

With a good night's sleep behind us we felt refreshed enough to plan an early breakfast with the gypsies still in town. We settled on a place midway between all parties, a breakfast spot called Planet Java Diner. Here's a link to their website, but I can say we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals and the hospitality of the staff towards our large, rambunctious group:

Selfie-Master Ron is at it again, this time with the Breakfast Club.

Greek Omelet, crispy hash-browns and English muffins...delish!

Unlike yesterday's photos, this pic shows the post-post-race beverages of choice:
Water, water, more water, and coffee. From here we parted ways with our Gypsy friends
and went on a walk-about through Pike Place Market before finding our way back to the hotel.

A busy Sunday at this iconic market.

Found a friend in a local chocolate shop, couldn't resist a hug.

And finally, back to our hotel for the afternoon...finally able to enjoy the pool.

I spent most of my time in the hot tub recuperating from yesterday's efforts.

Wish we didn't have to leave tonight...

I think Jim could get used to this life.

One more look at this weekend's bling.

Freedom Run 10K ** Greensboro, North Carolina

Saturday, June 27th:RACE DAY!!

Jim and I took last weekend off from running and instead celebrated Father's Day on the golf course and with family. We actually had a rare 2 weekends in a row at home so this weekend we chose to run the Freedom Run 10K as our workout. After all, this race is only about a mile from our house so we had no good excuse not to!

Jim comes back to where I've been stretching after a brief warm up. So far the weather
here is not as hot nor humid as it's traditionally been for this race so he's feeling happy.

I'm decked out in my red, white in blue in honor of those who've fought for our freedom...and
also in honor of the US Women's National Soccer Team as they're in pursuit of the World Cup title.
(I'm wearing my compression sleeve over my brace because I've found that it keeps the strap
from chafing my leg...I've not tried this in a race event and I thought a 10K would be a good test)

This 10K is known for some tough hills, especially a steep hill at mile 6 just before the finish line. Some years
the weather is enough to scare off those runners on the fence about entering this one. For the other diehards this race
is a summer rite of passage; they'll run it regardless of heat, humidity, rain, sun and hills. Jim and I have rarely missed
this event in the last 10 years...if we're in town we muscle through it.
Start line selfie--let's do this!

My favorite neighbors and good friends, Manny and Laura Rodrigues, decided they wanted to cheer us on
this year. We found them right where they said they'd be, cheering all the runners up the last
hill near the finish. This is the first time they've come out to support us and I was pleasantly surprised to see (and
hear) Laura having such a good time. We could see her holding up our sign as soon as we turned the corner to
face The Hill. 

We could spot them before they saw us coming up through the crowd. Manny was trying to get his tablet to work,
hoping to get photos of Jim and I as we tackled The Hill. Meanwhile Laura worked her arms with the sign and with
the cowbell and worked her lungs cheering for all the runners.

When I finished I ran back down to Laura and Manny just in time to
catch Jim coming up The Hill. You'll note that Jim is just coming up on the guys
in green but a few moments later...

He's well past them. The guys gave in and walked a bit while Jim kept trudging along.
Nice run, Jim!

At the Finish Line party I found Steve Loflin, a fellow ToeOFF wearer and now, as of
April of 2015, an official Boston Marathoner! It was on Steve's bucket list to run Boston
but with so many injuries and set backs in the last few years he's had to defer entry several
times. Thankfully, this year was finally HIS year.
Congrats on Boston and on your race today, Steve!

Happy Early Birthday, America!

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