Friday, April 4, 2014

Get Back Up in 2014

My 2014 mission is to celebrate all the wonderful people I have met  over the last two years and to share their inspiring stories of Getting Back UP. My TeamUP co-captains and I have all experienced critical physical challenges and each of us found our own way to Get Back UP. While our injuries and conditions vary greatly, we all have one thing in common, foot drop, which is how we found each other. 

We now want to “pay it forward” after finding our own solutions, by inviting all of you to join our Get Back Up Today movement to support others in their efforts. I am scheduled to visit at least 15 cities this year to  encourage people to become a part of the TeamUP movement and help themselves and others regain their quality of life.  I’ll be  running a race in each city – my own celebration of getting back up. 

You will also be seeing more of our co-captains and many of YOU "Joining the Movement" as we hope to inspire and be inspired. Check out my schedule on our Events page. Stay tuned for the launch of where you will be able to join TeamUP online.

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