Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Shoes

Here are a couple questions I am asked frequently about my shoes, so I thought I’d take a minute to share with all my friends the answers. (Feel free to share with your friends too.)

What other shoes do you wear besides sneakers (i.e. New Balance)? I have to wear them everywhere!

I do have several brands that I can wear which are a bit dressier, but still the selection is limited. Ariat makes a pair of boots and "clogs" that I can fit my brace in, and Aetrex makes a few options as well. I also have found European brands, (Dansko, Ecco and a few others), that will work. You just have to find a shoe store with a lot of brands and bring your brace in with you to try them on. offers free return shipping, so you can try ordering several pairs from them online and return what you don't want at no charge.

Do you have to wear wide shoes?

I have to get shoes that have wide toe boxes and sometimes I do actually get what they mark as "wide", but really every shoe company is different. Mostly I don't have to get the "wide" versions of the shoe, but again, I'm wearing shoes that are designed wider than most shoes in the first place.

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