Friday, October 12, 2012

Between Denver and San Jose...

Another busy week "home"!

Monday, September 24th:

We arrived late last night from Denver and this morning left bright and early for Chapel Hill for the Hubert Davis "Volunteers for Youth" Charity Golf Tournament. I was excited to support the cause but even more excited that it was hosted by UNC's own b-ball star, sports analyst and now assistant Tarheels coach, Hubert Davis. Also, I would be playing with my husband and my stepdad at the course of my alma mater, UNC-CH's Finley Golf Club!

So although it would have been nice to be home for a change, this was a fun alternative. Even the skies were Carolina blue and white today!

Bob, kissing his new best friend... his putter. Let's hope it works for the team today!

It was rather fun to see my husband squirm upon seeing the contents of the goodie bag. EVERYTHING was Carolina-themed and he, as a die-hard NC State fan, wouldn't be keeping any of his goodies.
Volunteers For Youth is a fantastic organization in Chapel Hill.

Bob and I before teeing off in the morning.

It's so great NOT to be running today!

I just loved seeing the UNC logo everywhere today. Even though I am not at home, this feels like my second home for how much time I spent here over the years. Both my sisters graduated from UNC as well, so we are truly a Carolina Family.

Our score, while respectable, did not win us any of today's prizes.
After the long, fun day of golf my parents wanted to take us out to dinner to celebrate my husband's upcoming birthday. We started with an amazing appetizer of "Gremolata Green Beans" at my parents home, around the corner from Finley Golf Club. My mom got the recipe from a friend and wanted me to try it--it was so good that it will be one of my new potluck "go-to" recipes. Thanks, Mom!!

After a short visit and the appetizer at my parents' place, we went to a local favorite restaurant of theirs, Acme Food and Beverage Co. in Carrboro.

Mom, decked out in one of her best colors!

The folks I almost never get to see this year!

The birthday boy!

Kinda says it all, doesn't it?

Part of the menu, just to give you an idea of the locally-farmed food they serve up.

Our Caprese Heirloom Tomato appetizer...

Our flash-fried artichoke hearts appetizer...
Ok, I'm sorry but I got so caught up in a great visit over great food that I neglected to photograph the other dishes. We went back to my folk's house after our meal to eat a delicious (and healthy!) chocolate torte my mom made in honor of Jim's birthday. Finally, after present-opening and bellies full of cake and coffee we headed back for a late-night drive back home.

Tuesday, September 25th:

Jim was off to work early while I had to meet with plumbers due to an irritating, yet-to-be-solved issue with our washing machine backing up and flooding our basement. We've now paid to know that it's NOT the machine, it's NOT the pipeline from the washer through the house out to the yard, it's NOT the pipe from the city's line at the street... so it MUST BE the pipe from the yard to the street. In order to fix the problem permanently we will need to replace the 1935 terra cotta pipes with PVC versions; this means digging up the front yard and more money thrown at the problem!! Ah, the joys of homeownership.

To make matters worse I have a very busy work week, 3 days worth of keeping promised favors to friends AND my sister and her family are staying with us for the weekend while she has a high school reunion. Our house is a MESS, we've not been home to spend the time to make it guest-worthy, so a massive scale cleanup (and fingers-crossed that our bathrooms, kitchen and laundry will all be in working order!) is on tap for the next few days.

Wednesday-Friday, September 26th-28th:

Too busy with work, friends and cleaning to provide the details but Thank-You's out to Rachel and Tamara for making time for me--it was great catching up with you both!! Also, a HUGE thank you to Cindy and Don Adams for allowing us to use their guest room while my sister, her husband and two boys were able to relax at our house. Yes, that's correct: the only weekend my husband and I were to be home in a 9 week span we actually were staying at Chez Adams down the street!

Becky, Pete, Jackson and Joey were so worth the cleaning and hosting and babysitting efforts!! Not only do I love them and love getting to see them, you'll recall from VaBeach trips that they always go the extra mile in making me (and often large running groups in-tow) feel so welcome.

Jackson settled into one room and immediately took up with a Calvin and Hobbes book...a family favorite!

Even young Joey, who opted for a palette on the floor, hunkered down with Calvin and Hobbes.  

Jackson found the wedding gift coaster set from Father Bill... they are Boston College coasters and apparently are great stands for Pokemon characters! The boys were so good, when Jim and I came in to make sure they were letting their mom and dad sleep in, they were playing quietly at the front of the house... Jackson with his Pokemon friends and Joey was busy writing and illustrating his own comic books.
Saturday, September 29th:

Happy Birthday, Jim!! Sorry to cut this short but we had a packed day with family, a neighbor's potluck birthday party and then celebrating Jim's birthday. I will say that I made mom's green beans for Grant's party and they were a big hit.
French green bean Gremolata!
September 30th-October 3rd:

Family, work meetings, cleaning after 3 days of house guests, media interviews and packing for San Jose... that was the brief time we had home and now back on the road for 8 weeks!!

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