Saturday, June 30, 2012

No race, but no rest for the weary!

American Physical Therapy Association's National Meeting in Tampa, FL. 

Wednesday, June 6th through Friday, June 8th:

After being home for one day I was off again for an important stop in Tampa, FL. No, I am not a Physical Therapist but I was in attendance for their Association's national annual meeting. An important part of this year's Get Back Up mission is to educate, not only the consumers (patients) needing bracing but also to educate all the professionals who are involved in our care. Primarily, this means physicians, orthotists and physical therapists. So I am in attendance for 3 days to help spread the message!

The Allard booth. In this photo Scott Hennessey is encouraging a PT to try the ToeOFF so he can actually feel for himself the "dynamic response" that his patients will get from the high-tec brace.

A few from outside the conference center before the record rains set in. 

Believe it or not, the hotel across the water is the Harbor Island Westin. I went from Harbor Island San Diego to Harbor Island Tampa in 3 days.

I would have liked to join this runner today but alas, I had an indoor assignment this week!

Harbor Island West Coast to Harbor East Coast!

My lunch break: a walk to fresh fruit and salad plus a few extras for snacking later on.

Productive hours with the Allard team this week, sharing my experience with the ToeOFF as an endurance athlete. Here I am sporting the medals from this year's races since January... not quite halfway through our journey!

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